Announcement: Skipper and have been sunset, and we're advising users to switch to our flagship app, Gaia GPS and Please click here for more information.

Skipper Sunset

As of August 21, 2016, Skipper is no longer available on the App Store, and we plan to stop supporting the app overall after all active subscriptions lapse.

We encourage Skipper users to use and purchase our flagship app, Gaia GPS. The features of the two apps are very similar, and this change allows us to provide better service and more frequent software updates to all users.


  • As of August 21, 2016, Skipper has been removed from App Store
  • Users who purchased a subscription can continue using Skipper for the remainder of their subscription period
  • Once all subscriptions lapse, we will take down the Skipper website (September 2017)

Switch to Gaia GPS

All Skipper users are invited to create a free account at, to upload and store your tracks, routes and waypoints from Skipper. Click here for instructions to import your Skipper data to Gaia GPS.

We also encourage Skipper users to purchase Gaia GPS on iOS or Android. For a one-time purchase, Gaia GPS gives you nearly all the features of a Skipper subscription. While focused on terrestrial use, Gaia GPS includes NOAA and ACOE charts.

Free GaiaPro for Skipper Users

We're also offering two free years of GaiaPro to any Skipper user who buys the Gaia GPS app for iOS or Android. Email, and let us know you bought the app and would like the free upgrade.

GaiaPro offers premium map layers, additional features, and priority support.

Pros of Using Gaia GPS

We think most Skipper users will be very happy with Gaia GPS.

Pros include:

  • Constant updates with new features and improvements, for both the app and
  • Features such as “snap-to-trail” route-planning
  • International, hunting, and other specialized map sources

Cons of Using Gaia GPS

The main features that Skipper provides which are not present in Gaia GPS are as follows. We'll consider augmenting Gaia GPS if many Skipper users come on board and request these updates:

  • NOAA chart downloads do not automatically update
  • ActiveCaptain data is not available

Contact Us With Any Questions

If you have any questions or comments, please email