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Jan 31, 2015
When going thru the Intercoastal Channel hug the green maybe 100' away.
Dec 13, 2014
Nov 27, 2014
Heading to Rosario Resort for Thanksgiving dinner. Moorage includes use of the spa (hot tub, indoor salt water pool, sauna) and there's a great restaurant/bar, and lots of interesting history. http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/11/thanksgiving-on-orcas-island.html
Nov 26, 2014
Nov 24, 2014
Nov 23, 2014
Nov 17, 2014
Cruised back to Anacortes to park the boat for a few days.
Nov 15, 2014
Nov 08, 2014
Cruised around Huckleberry I from Anacortes.
Nov 02, 2014
Nov 01, 2014
Oct 31, 2014
Saw some awesome humpback whales on the way to Patos Island. http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/patos-island-and-humpback-whales.html
Oct 29, 2014
What better place to go for Halloween week than Skull Island in Massacre Bay? http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/skull-island-in-massacre-bay.html
Oct 26, 2014
Oct 05, 2014
This was one of those "should we even bother" going because the kids were cranky getting there. And then they were very good out on the water. Super fun to explore a new place! Saw a live seal, and a dead seal! (not together).
Oct 04, 2014
Return to Anacortes to leave Airship for planned upgrades: solar panels, inverter, additional house batteries, inverter, stove/oven, wifi hub. On the way, passed a pod of orcas on the West side of San Juan Island, just North of Lime Kiln Lighthouse. One whale came close enough that we had to shut down our engine and drift while they passed by. We first noticed the approaching whale when it set off the radar alarm a quarter mile away - we saw a blip appear, set off the alarm, then disappear. A few seconds later, a second blip appeared nearby and disappeared. Blog Post: http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/whales-on-radar.html
Oct 03, 2014
We left our mooring buoy in Fossil Bay to find some more reliable internet to get some work done. Tied up at West Bay Resort on Orcas for a couple of hours and worked from the boat. Then, headed over to Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island for an afternoon hike. Finally, we went around to Roche Harbor for the night. Weather was beautiful. Blog Posts: http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/leaving-fossil-bay.html http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/prevost-harbor-and-roche-harbor.html
Oct 01, 2014
We left Anacortes and cruised about 2.5 hours out to Sucia Island. Many porpoises and seals. We grabbed a mooring buoy in Fossil Bay ($12/night) and stayed two nights here. What a gorgeous place! We hiked in the morning and had another beautiful calm night moored in the bay. Blog posts: http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/sucia.html http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/hiking-sucia.html http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/leaving-fossil-bay.html
Sep 29, 2014
Left Spencer Spit and headed back to Anacortes to meet with Herve at Nordic NW regarding our upgrades. Parts are ordered but not in yet, so we have more time to go out and use the boat! Blog posts: http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/09/lopez-island.html http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/09/our-first-night-on-a-mooring-buoy.html http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/10/errands-provisioning-and-a-boat-show.html
Sep 28, 2014
We went around the North side of Lopez Island and decided to go to Spencer Spit State Park to try our first night at a mooring buoy. All the buoys on south side of the spit were taken, so we grabbed one of the many open ones on the north side of the spit. Turns out the north side is not as sheltered as the south is and we had a bit of crashy-lapping waves all night and some ferry wake that made for not a super sound sleep. But it was sure pretty! Blog post: http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/09/lopez-island.html
Sep 27, 2014
Our first trip in the boat on our own was from Anacortes to Friday Harbor marina. It was a successful and exciting excursion! Friday Harbor was fun...had some fish and chips for lunch up at the Cask & Schooner (since our regular spot, Downriggers, burned down several months ago). We watched the sunset from the top deck of Airship (and then watched a chartered Aspen play bumpin' boats down our row...oops, too fast man!) In the morning after breakfast we headed over to the seafood market on the dock and picked up some shigoku oysters and some fresh salmon. It was pretty foggy when we headed out around San Juan Island to the north, and we got to test our radar/nav skills (we did very well). Blog posts: http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/09/were-in-friday-harbor.html http://www.riveted-blog.com/2014/09/friday-evening-in-friday-harbor.html
Sep 01, 2014
Aug 30, 2014